French Creek Labradors  has again raised the standard of gundog training with our latest training program!!!


Starting with all Fall 2007 and 2008 gundog litters French Creek Labradors is proud to offer a completely innovative approach to the training of a gundog!!!

As professional Gundog Breeders and Trainers French Creek Labradors has always approached our entire program with the attitude that Our breeding compliments our "British Style" of training. We have, and always will strive for the breeding of hunting Labradors that contain ALL the natural traits that have made them everyones gundog of choice be it for the field or the swamp.

Our philosophy is that while "field trial" bred labradors are incredible animals in their own right they are still SELECTIVELY BRED for certain traits that will enhance their success at the game they are trained for. Consequently a portion of the natural hunting traits that you need for a great hunting dog are not all at the top of the list when it comes to that field trail pup you just bought. People may spend upwards of $1800 for a great "Field Trial" pup. But what makes a great field trial dog and what make a great gundog are quite different.

There is a certain (and quite large) arena of gundog enthusiast Pro's and amatuers alike that are convinced that you can not have a gundog without the use of an E collar , and the conditioning to "force fetch" . Disagree? Nope not one bit. The way most labradors are bred these days it is almost impossible to get a reliable, well behaved, soft mouthed, tractable hunting retriever without proper e collar conditioning and the use of Force Fetch  for delivery to hand. And, when used correctly and introduced as they are meant to be an electronic collar is a great training aid (although the pictures of the handsome black lab with a drake mallard in his mouth, with the fall swamp in the background sorta lose something when you see the large tractor battery tied to his neck).The result of all this technology is usually summed up with this one phrase, heard annually at most dinners, duck clubs and swamps from October thru January..."Boy that dog is crazy about ducks I thought he was going to pull the whole blind in the water when them birds started falling! "then in the next sentence....You think thats' bad? You ought to see him when I take the collar off!!!

Sound familiar? Have I got your interest yet?  Read on......


People are always amazed at the calm nature and high level of training of our own dogs here at the kennel. Naturally, this is our business so it would be bad advertisement if you showed up and my lab jumped on your grandmother as she exited the car! But it is even more than that, comparitively speaking we train and condition our pups from the time we start weaning at 3 weeks old. We have all of our pups conditioned to the recall whistle when they go home with their owners at 6 weeks. At puppy pick up day people are amazed at the fact that one of our own young pups is deliverying to hand, sitting quietly as people walk by or paying no attention to the shotgun as we demonstrate. Try as we might to convey the proper instructions of conditioning and obedience until the pups come back for training at 4 months or 6 months, it is inevitable that all the good intentions in the world will not make an obedient well adjusted gundog. 90% of our puppies come back to us for training having little or no understanding of  the basic obedience commands of sit, heel, here and NO! Let alone having seen much in the way of feathers (unless you count the robin in the backyard!) ang gunfire or loud noises? forget it! how about conditioning to different environments in the field and water? Most pups exposure to different environments is composed of the kitchen, living room and the back yard. And water? the pool and the garden hose! Now I know what your thinking, Hey isn't that what you are paid for? You are the trainer right? The answer to both is yes, but if you think I enjoy spending the first weeks of your dogs stay here trying to coax him out of the kennel because he has never heard other dogs bark, and did I mention the fact that just because he is a lab DOES NOT mean that he will automatically chase down that bumper or dokken that you never bothered to throw for him. Obedience? Well that could take up 4 complete web pages The fact that a 4 month old pup comes back having never heard sit, conjures up the dog training demons in my dreams at night. (my wife usually has to get me some warm milk just to calm me after one of my episodes).Are they fixable?YES. Does it mean the dog wouldn't hunt? NO. Could the training be less stressful on the dog?YES! Wouldn't it be great if there was a program that CONDITIONED all the basic gundog exposures and responses before we got our pup so that when he came back(even if you did nothing I ask you to do) it may only take a few days to get back on tract and begin serious training? YES,YES, YES. And wouldn't that shorten the length of any training program you offer, saving the owners large sums of money that could be spent on new waterfowl gear or at DU banquets? YES, BIG ,BIG ,YES!!! Does French Creek Labs Have a program like this? .......Problem solved, yes!

The Revolution Begins!!

That's right REVOLUTION! We are changing the way OUR labradors will be trained forever. Is this new? No , not hardly. We have been training our own family Labs this way for years. We have the benefit of being a small family owned and operated kennel. The fact that we only produce 4 - 7 litters of pups every year affords us the time and effort required to condition every potential gundog pup like they were own. And the benefit to you. Well , when you consider that we have 10 week old pups deliverying live quial to hand, swimming for short hand tossed bumpers, establishing using their noses to find hidden bumpers or birds in tall grass,completely unaffected by gunfire, swimming behind the canoe to the recall whistle and confidently handling all basic obedience on a leash, as well as responding to whistle commands for sit and here I would say that is quite a large benefit. Not to mention the fact that they are crate trained, and will not be keeping you up all night the first few weeks at home. This is by far one of the most personal and important training programs we have here at the kennel. The response from this years clients has been unbelievable. And when these pups have come back to continue their training?It has made us such believers in the program that it is required if we will be training your dog in the future whether at 6 months or 1 year. This is the imprinting and conditioning of wanted and needed responses in our Gundog pups. Add to it our specialized breeding of ONLY gundog stock (no field trial prospect here) It truely is a revolution. Cost? The pup will come to you at 12 weeks  at the price  some kennels are charging for a pup alone.The  payback is forever!  You will not find this program at the big commercial kennels, their size makes it impossible to achieve this. If you want a family companion that is one of the best gundogs you have ever owned then this program is for you. Please read below for details.

What it Means to you!!

What it means to the average dog handler, is, recieving a puppy from our kennel at 12 weeks old, that has been conditioned in the home, field, water and woods. And will be sent home to you with the ability to do or have been conditioned to the following:

Home at 12 weeks old

  • The pup will be started on crate training (no up all night with the new pup, actually likes it in there!)
  • The pup will be started on NO JUMP
  • The pup will be introduced towalk at heel on lead
  • The pup will started sit on verbal command
  • The pup will recall (or here) on both verbal and whistle
  • The pup will be started to  sit patiently  at feeding time
  • The pup will have been introduced to live pigeons and quail
  • The pup will retrieve live or dead pigeon/quail and bumpers
  • The pup will have had daily exposure and be non responsive to actual shotgun fire(not .22 blanks)
  • The pup (weather permitting) will be in the water everyday
  • The pup will carry training objects while on walks while reinforcing with the "hold" command
  • The pup will have ridden multiple times on or in a truck/tractor/gator
  • The pup will have had daily "bolding walks" in woods,fields, heavy cover,swampy areas .
  • The pup will have been handled by children and adults extensively