Taking Reservations for Limited Started Level I,II Gundogs for Fall 2014!!
We Specialize in Started Level Gundogs that will fit novice as well as experienced dog handlers!!This is a true companion gundog program!
  • Headstart Puppy Development (Home at12 weeks old)- Started in 2007, our headstart puppy program(also see Retriever Revoltion) has been a huge success! We get your French Creek pup started off the right way. Conditioning the responses and exposures that they will need to continue on with gundog training at a later date. These pups will come home to you crate conditioned, having had live birds, conditioned to gunfire and already responding to whistle commands and introduced to basic obedience. If you are not ready for the challenges of a 7 week old pup then this is for you! Take home a pup that is well on their way to becoming a great companion/gundog.
  • Started Level I Gundog- (home at  10-12months old.)
  • Our Started Level I Gundog program has become one of the most popular and successful training programs here at the kennel. 8 out of every 10  puppies born at our facility are already sold as started gundogs.What has made the program such a success is that we are a small family run kennel that only produces 4 - 6 litters per year. We do not train outside dogs and have hands on with these pups from day one! Starting as early as 3 weeks old while we are feeding the pups we are already conditioning them to the recall whistle. By week 6 we have the entire litter scrambling after live chukkar and quail and by 16 weeks( as seen in the video) we have young pups bringing live hen pheasant back and steady to shot!!! The fact is with limited breedings we are offering to the public young dogs that are ready for basic hunts at the same age  most kennels and trainers are just starting to train their dogs! The other important fact is, that with a Level I dog the handler is not going to need a masters degree in dog handling to get them to work for you. This program is so successful because it matches up a young begining stage gundog with people ,who for many ,are aquiring their first gundog ever. This allows us to spend the time with you on the basics. People are amazed at the ability of these young dogs, but are equally amazed at the fact that they bond to and take commands so easily from their new owners. We pride ourselves in the exposure our dogs get while in training , be it in the field or with the family. This program speaks for itself with the satisfied clients from last season many of whom are returning this year to finish out their dogs training. We specialize in this program and will continue to place emphasis on turning out a limited amount of quality young pups that anyone will be proud to hunt with!
  • Crate Trained, Ride in Vehicles,Extensive Obedience,
  • Swimming, House breaking,Responds to whistle commands, Gunfire, extensive socialization with other people and dogs
  • Single water/Land marks to 75yds
  • Introduced to simple hand thrown doubles on land
  • Steady to shot,calls and decoying birds while on tab
  • Deliver to hand
  • Introduced to birds on marks
  • Basic upland hunt(hunt cover/flush)
  • Boat exposure
  • Exposure to shot duck,pheasant and geese
  • Heavy cover obsatcles in water and land
  • Hunt "dead" command..... This is just a general overview, each dog is trained to meet your needs. We will not spend countless hours or days mastering skills the dog may never need while hunting with you. If you are looking for a great started hunting companion this program fits like a glove!
  • Started Level II (Home at 15 - 24 months old) or Advanced Training for Level I Dogs
  • Complimenting our Started Level I program is our Level II and Advanced training. Designed for the sportsman who may want a little more out of his hunting companion, the level II dog will go home to you with a season of hunting under its belt as well as advanced skills that will  aid you in the field. The level II dog is recomended for Handlers who have had previous gundogs experience or are able to spend considerable time here at the kennel getting proficient at their trade.In addition to the above the started Level II will also...
  •  A level II gundog will have had multiple live bird situations over land/water
  • Multiple marking skills (quads) out to 75 - 100 yds.Land/Water in decoys and cover
  • Basic Handling /Casting skills
  • Blind Retrieves
  • Honoring
  • Quartering on upland fields
  • Sit or stop to Flush and shot
  • Customized Training per clients needs
  • Moving water
  • Bay and or Tide Hunting(Lake Erie)

Finished Gundog - Home at 36 +months

The finished Gundog is one that is reserved for the true purist of the outdoors. These world class gundogs will have had 2 seasons of hunting in them as well as hundreds of birds shot in multiple scenarios. They are the reason for the hunt! These dogs are mature, have been through training and hunting situations that prepare them for the best and worst that you can throw at them. Do to the time and effort tht goes into a finished Gundog they are offered on a limited basis and require a minimum of 1 year advanced reservation. If waterfowling and the upland fields are truly a passion then please call for details......

  • Pre - Season Tune Up ( 4 weeks) This curriculum is specifically designed for the typical hunter, who after a hard season of gunning for waterfowl or upland birds not only puts his guns away till next year but, the hard charging retriever goes back to the off season job of family pet. Most folks take the time out before the next season to practice up on their shooting skills and check their gear for top performance. If you expect your retriever to come off the couch and be at the top of his game with no pre season work he'll more than likely look like a pup on his first hunt. Let French Creek Labs get your pup back in shape for the upcoming season so he'll be as sharp as you come that first morning flight of woodies!!!