"Training Philosophy"

French Creek Labradors specializes in producing " Classic Hunting Retrievers" for the advid Waterfowler or Upland Bird Hunter. Our proven methods have been in use across "the pond" in Great Britain, Ireland and Scotland for over a century. The "British Standard" promotes control, markability,ease of handling and the development of the dogs natural instincts.

These natural methods NEVER includes the use of E-Collars, old style force fetch or any other "FORCE" training device or method. Our innovative conditioned retrieve program is split into 2 parts to instill the most confidence that we can get out of our young gundog students,Using the dogs natural tendancies to carrie items we introduce the "hold" command to the dog in a very relaxed informal setting.  Gone are the days of graphic ear pinches using keys,shotgun hulls and other devices to get the dog to "fetch"by turning off the negative pressure. We follow the philosophy of teaching the dog, they become problem solvers and with that ability they become confident retrievers in ALL situations whether home or field.Our program is never one of submission or dominance rather one of ALWAYS being fair and consistent with what is expected of our labs.

Though hard to convey this theory in the American Retriever scene today, with the breeding of dogs soley for one trait be it color, lining ability, hard driving etc... this type of "selective breeding  has produced dogs that for the average hunter are uncontrollable and frustrating to train.

French Creek Labradors realized the value of the selective breeding for hunting traits that takes place in Great Britain. The thought of having to "force fetch" a retriever over there is un heard of. As they say "Why should you have to force a retriever to retrieve?"

Today in  America a lot of that natural instinct has been selectively bred out for one trait or another.  The results are dogs that have little value to the average hunter. Trial, show and "backyard" breeding has produced a majority of Labradors that  have very little natural game finding ability, unsteadiness,high strung, seldom uses their nose, blows right by huntable cover and hunts by sight instead. Thus today we have to "FORCE TRAIN" back into the dogs the natural traits that benefitt hunters most.

As an advid hunter myself the "British Standard" just made more sense. French Creeks training and breeding methods create a positive relationship between dog and handler. With the dog having a clear understanding of what's expected of him at all times not just when he's "plugged in".

When fully trained you will have a hunting partner that  understands and responds to verbal,whistle and hand signals. All done because he wants to, not because he has to! He will be as well mannered in the duck blind or at home with the family

As a hunter this curriculum was developed to give you the ultimate hunting and conservation tool, a ....